Love Yourself, because you are perfect!

This is my attempt to try to lift those who are down. When I was a little girl I lost some one dear to me to suicide. For me that was enough to keep me alive, for some, I know that is not the case. This year I almost lost my dad to suicide. I know there are many other personal issues out there I tend to try to address. If you need some one to talk to, you can contact me. I will keep everything you confide in me confidential. If you have any advice, suggestions, or ideas I will be more than happy to hear them & I will make sure you get the credit.

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    soy 7 :(
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    Quiero ser un 0 o 1 :c pero por ahora con llegar a un 2 soy feliz (?)
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    Gpoy No.1 body type.
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    I think every way to look is in some way beautyful - Even if I wish I was Nr.2 or Nr.3, I think I am Nr.4 right now - I...
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    I’d say im a 3/4, maybe a 5 but not like the person in the picture. I WANNA BE A 2!! i dont find 1 or 9 attractive...
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    I wanna be 2/3 I’m a 4/5 right meow wanna change that sooooo badly!
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    I want 2 or 8. Sosososososo bad.
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    i am a 6 making my way to a 3
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